Bramblehaus x Auguste x Matt Godkin

Thoughtfully curated botanicals for your wedding day.

Flowers can be a deeply personal part of the wedding tradition, imbued with much symbolism and personal significance. With this attitude towards flowers, we feel soulful about the arrangements we create and the couples we make them for.

Our name – Bramblehaus – is a homage to the wild bramble roses that frequent European gardens and the German art movement Bauhaus which heralded craftsmanship and simplicity above all – beauty in simplicity and repetition.

Our signature style is sculptural and textured, influenced by the graceful lines and velveteen palette inherent in the flowers and foliage themselves, which we adapt to suit your styling preferences.

We work within the seasons which keeps our aesthetic changing and unique and ensures the best quality Australian-grown flowers, sourcing only the most local and ethical flora for our designs. Our team is experienced in large-scale installations while also bringing a discerning eye to the most simple elopement. We can plan and conceptualise your entire ceremony and reception including our signature floral style.

We can provide plants and flowers as wedding favours/bonbonnieres and our workshops are a gorgeous complement to your pre-wedding celebrations.

Bramblehaus is a wedding service provided by Braer. More of our work here

Bramblehaus x Auguste x Matt Godgkin

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