Pentagonal Vase

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Kenny (Yong-soo) Son of Studiokyss is an object designer-maker who has a simple goal of creating work that has ‘life’, objects that add significance and value to everyday environments.
With the idea of being both decorative and functional and with the ability to transcend both craft and design mediums, Kenny is interested in creating work that has the ability to interact both physically and emotionally with the users, essentially giving longevity to the object.

This handmade brass work is 20cm x 15cm at the base, crafted entirely from brass and signed with the Artists signature. The brass will patina over time but can be cleaned easily with some 'Brasso' and a soft cloth for those that prefer the shiny finish. This vase is perfect for showcasing single stems in all their glory or standing alone, the work is a refined and considered piece.