About Us

Braer, old English 'Briar' is loosely translated to mean a number of prickly, scrambling shrubs, especially a wild rose. Braer is our brand of floristry incorporating art and design in our daily practice.

Braer has evolved to be more than just a weekly bunch of locally grown flowers from where it first started in 2015. Together, Georgia and Azzmin have worked to explore the true meaning of Slow Flowers here in Australia lending from the example led by the US and the movement there. With a strong passion to create something with meaning, Braer was born from years of seeing behind the scenes of the flower industry and the massive amount of imported flowers that we enjoy unknowingly here. As with the food industry, importing flowers has lead to a steep decline in the number of Australian flower growers as the cheap labor costs overseas and the lack of legislation around pesticides has made growing flowers here hard to compete with.