Silk 40%
Cotton 60%

Brær X Liv Enqvist Limited edition THANKYOU tote

Cotton embroidery thread.
Gentle Machine wash on cool


Limited edition of 10
(Unique embroideries on each one)

Everyone has a reason to say “Thank You” 

When we were dreaming up this project, we remembered the cute typography on those plastic “thank-you bags” that showed appreciation for a purchase. This sentiment we could re-cycle to create a feeling of nostalgia for our childhood and the overflowing-bag of plastic shopping bags stuffed in our cupboard waiting to be re-used.

Braer x Liv Enqvist shopping tote is hand-made out of a silk & cotton blend fabric and carefully hand embroidered. A tiny-first-edition of 10 bags, each one is uniquely embroidered with Liv’s artwork. Designed to be used to carry treasures like flowers, fruit and your favourite book.

Liv Enqvist is a Swedish born artist, stylist and art director based in Byron Bay. She works with embroidery, collage and natural pigments.  Having lived in France, Italy, Japan and the UK she is influenced by language, ikebana and folk art.  Her work has been shown at the Museum for Craft and Design UK and art galleries in Stockholm, Rome and London. Clients include Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris, Savile Row, Gucci and Radley.

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