Braer, an old English word  for 'Briar' is loosely translated to mean a number of prickly, scrambling shrubs, especially a wild rose. Started late 2015 in a little banana shed in Mullumbimby, Braer has grown to be a studio for flowers and friends. We house a curated range of products, provide specialty event design and art direction, we host workshops, provide weekly house or corporate flowers and make flowers for weddings. 


     Georgia and Azzmin have worked to explore the meaning of Slow Flowers here in Australia lending from the example led by the US movement. With a strong passion to create something with meaning, Braer was born from a hope for change in the flower industry.  As within the food industry, imported products have led to a steep decline in the number of Australian flower growers.
All Braer flowers are sourced from locally grown farms so we can select the highest quality flowers from across Australia’s diverse growing regions. We lead by example in our industry by continuing to improve our supply chain and environmental practices. All of our packaging is compostable & re-usable.

Flower Care

For Longest Vase Life...
Use a clean vase and fill it with lukewarm water. Use tepid water as most flowers do not easily absorb cold water. Your flowers will look best for longest if you keep the water fresh and the vase clean by changing it on a regular basis (every two days). Re-cut the stems approximately 2-3cm on an angle with sharp scissors or secateurs. Keep your flowers in a cool place and away from draughts extreme heat and electrical appliances such as microwaves, televisions, computers and heaters. Keep flowers away from fruits as they release a gas called ethylene, which accelerates the ageing process in cut flowers. Remove any dead flower heads or leaves, this will help to prolong the life of the remaining flowers and promote other buds opening.

Vase arrangements

Replace water in vase and re-cut stems (as above) every 2 days. To maintain the arrangements form, use an elastic band or some string to hold the stems together while out of the vase. After cleaning the vase and trimming the stems place back in fresh water and cut off the string/elastic. Remove any dead flower heads or leaves from the bouquet.

Gift Wrapped Bouquets

Remove paper wrapping from the bouquet as it is purely decorative and protection for the blooms. Leave the binding that holds the bouquet together intact to retain the design. Compost or re-purpose your entire Braer wrapping.